Calling all Brides to Be ! We would love to hear about your experiences at our

Bridal Shows.


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March 4th Barrie ON.

Hi Melissa,
I’m in Toronto and I came down to check out the show on March 4th, 2012  in Barrie. My Best Friend is getting married next year and she had heard about your show and asked me to join in and check it out with her. We had a blast. We ended up staying the whole day just checking out all the vendors and enjoying the bridal show. When it came to the raffle after the fashion show, we were sad because our number didn’t get called, however your idea of making it fun instead of just picking out numbers from the box was awesome. We had so much fun just playing the different games to help us win the different stuff for her wedding. We ended up winning the DJ for her wedding, $100 of the photo Booth for her wedding, some stuff from Passion Parties, As well as Back Lighting for her Wedding. So all in all we ended up walking away with a whole lot of good stuff. She is super excited, especially because she is going to be saving a whole lot now. Thank you for all the fun, and I will definately be back again for myself as well for any other friends/family & Brides to Be.
Chandi Kahagalle



41 Essa Road Event Centre – March 2012

My grandma taught me to be a very frugal person when it comes to money and saving. She always said when you get your pay check to save half and then you can spend the other half. I try to live by that golden rule to the best of my abilities but it’s hard when life costs so much. The thought of getting married and spending oodles of money for one day seemed ridiculous to me (although I would love to be able to). When I first got engaged I hunted the world wide web looking for great deals and little ways to cut corners but still have an amazing wedding. I came across The Budget Friendly Bridal Show (BFBS) and having now been to the Barrie show this passed weekend I have to say I was not disappointed in the least. It was better than my highest expectations could have imagined. Everyone was super nice and welcoming, I got a lot of great ideas and a few extra I hadn’t thought I would need but feel I do now. I had been to a show before where every vendor asked when I was getting married and just to make it sound more interesting I would come up with different ways of saying “I have no clue!” Then I would get funny looks seeming to say “then why are you even here?” That show made me want to hide my bride sticker but at the BFBS not a single vendor asked that question and I was very pleased with that. The fashion shows and the door prizes were the best part. Everything felt so close and personalized and I felt important being able to be so close to the runway. We played games to win door prizes and I think I ended up walking away with four different prizes, one of which was $500 off of my dj service for the night of my wedding :) All in all, though I don’t have too much experience with wedding shows, I feel this will be my favourite wedding show I ever attend. I will definitely recommend this show to anyone who has taste and wants the perfect wedding but thinks it’s silly to spend more than is necessary for what you need.

Kimiko Kawasaki
Barrie, Ontario



Caledon Estates Banquet Hall – February 2012

It was February 14 2011 when my honey asked me to be his wife. Of course I said yes. I then began to search the Internet for bridal shows. I came across the Budget Friendly Bridal Show and it was coming up in two weeks. I was nervous and excited at the same time as I had never attended any of these kinds of shows before. I didn’t know what to expect. The day finally came and of course I wanted to be one of the first 100 Brides that walked in the door to be sure that I would receive one of the Bridal Bags with a bridal planner and lots of Free goodies. As I walked in the door I felt a warm feeling. Everyone there was so kind and friendly. So many vendors, and I met so many helpful people who had so many fantastic ideas at Budget Friendly prices!  The afternoon went by and it was time for the fashion show. That is my favorite part of the show I must say. You get lots of wonderful ideas and you get to see so many beautiful Bridal Wear for yourself and all your Bridal Party. The Door Prizes were Amazing too!  So far I attended two of their shows, the most recent one being February 2012 at Caledon Estates Banquet Hall and I will be attending more. I highly recommend any Bride- To- Be to attend a Bridal Friendly Budget Show and you will have no regrets!

Maggie Benjamin
Brampton, Ontario